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On May 17, 2016 the turbine powered DART-450 took off for its first flight.
DA40 NG New Generation
DA40 Tundra Star
DA42 MPP Guardian
DA42 NG New Generation
DA20 Katana
HK36 Super Dimona
Building process of a Diamond Simulator
The History of Diamond's DA42
DA50-JP7 altitude test
DA42 MPP Geostar
DA50-JP7 April 2015
DA50-JP7 April 2015
JONAS Initiative movie
JONAS Initiative Trip - June 25 to 7 July 2015
First "eSafe" auto landing 3.9.2015
The DA62 - Made with love
Single engine operation
Fleet Customer Support Conference 2016
DA62 the ultimate flying machine
Airpower 2016
Flight Training Organisation
Testimonials 2016