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Since 1999 your maintenance shop for Diamond Aircraft in Egelsbach. Diamond Aircraft revolutionized the aviation market with being the first to introduce Diesel piston singles and twins in 2001. The only aircraft manufacturer that also builds its own Diesel aircraft engines running on Jet-A1. The Austro Engine AE300 with 168 hp offers low fuel burn, independence from leaded fuel and low noise emission.

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Diamond Aircraft Industries

Diamond Aircraft Industries Deutschalnd GmbH

Our branch is located in the Diamond Terminal at Egelsbach Airport. Whether you have your airplane maintained, you would like to fly our simulator or to get information about our products or just want to have a cup of coffee, feel free to visit us!

The spirit of innovation

Developing and building a family of aircraft takes a long-term commitment and an unwavering vision - it's not for the faint of heart. Diamond not only has the vision and resources, but an owner who embodies the spirit of innovation. With the passion of an accomplished pilot, and the vision of a successful entrepreneur, Christian Dries has led Diamond Aircraft's growth from building only a single motor glider to offering general aviation's most innovative and diverse family of personal and business aircraft. The growth of the Diamond Aircraft family exemplifies his personal commitment to delivering aircraft that pilots want.


The company’s aircraft are verifiably the safest in their class: the incredible overall accident rate of about just one sixth of the General Aviation average proves it (Source: Aviation Consumer January 2012). Self-ignited post-crash fire is always a worry in crash survivability. Aviation Consumer safety report also states that only Diamond airplanes had no post-crash fire among its competitors. This is because of the ultramodern safety avionics, also used in big airliners, the unique mono cockpit made out of light and at the same time very strong composite materials, as known from Formula 1, and an ingenious fuel system protection.


No other manufacturer offers you the time-saving and quality ensuring advantage of a single point of contact is it the aircraft, the installed engine, the full size replica simulator or corresponding pilot and maintenance (EASA Part 147) training at an in-house TRTO (Type Rating Training Organisation).

Diamond Aircraft Industries Deutschland
Hans-Fleißner-Str. 54
63329 Egelsbach

+49 6103 3785 0
+49 6103 3785 2156

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Mo-Fr 8 am – 5 pm

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Mo-Thu 8 am – 3 pm
Fr 8 am – 2 pm

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Our services

Only the highest quality

Our Vision:

  • To be the world‘s most efficient provider of MRO services for Diamond Aircraft;
  • To create the safest and most modern work environment;
  • To adopt technology to reduce waiting time and wastes;
  • To build a solid integrated supply chain where all stakeholders from suppliers to end users are proud to be part of;
  • To have the courage to change and develop ourselves.

Our Mission:

  • To build a workplace where scheduled and unscheduled services are delivered on time;
  • To think and work as a TEAM;
  • To implement IT alignment and identify and remove bottlenecks;
  • To create a network where forecast are accurate and aim at a constant workload to optimize capacity;
  • To set the industry level for service quality, exploring new ways and believing in training as a continous never ending process.

Our offer for you

We are proud to introduce our new offer to you. A service range totally designed around you.
Diamond knows that the maintenance of your plane is a complex business where quality, costs and time need coordination and expert hands. This is why we have created bundle offers for scheduled check that will help you in planning your flight operations and keep your costs under control. Our scheduled maintenance check bundle offers are now including engine service kits and consumables.

One scheduled check, one price, no additional costs*.
For our customers that need to cover AOG short notice repairs we have designed a Maintenance Contract that will provide priority access to our services against an AOG service fee. Of course if the repair fits our normal schedule no AOG fee will be levied.

For Maintenance contract subscribers* we offer:

  • 1 hour in our Diamond Simulator per scheduled check
  • 3% discount on Diamond Genuine Spareparts
  • 50% discount on AOG surcharge rate if priority access is needed (no AOG fee if it fits our schedule).
  • 7% cheaper scheduled checks

And our loyal business partners enjoy up to 10% discount* on Diamond Genuine Spareparts!

  • Subscribe a Maintenance Contract before 31.5.2017 and take advantage of our special conditions*.
  • Have you already subscribed a Maintenance Contract with us? Sit down and relax, we will upgrade it for free!

Act today to secure your benefits: 3% discount on Diamond Spare Parts and much more!
Join the Diamond Service Center in Egelsbach today: Platinum Service Level for free: this means 10% discount on spare parts until 31.5.2016!

Contact us, join the Diamond Service Center in Egelsbach today.

Diamond Loyalty Program ABC

Diamond Loyalty Program ABC:

A. Loyalty to Diamond is convenient.

Diamond Customers are our most valuable asset.

We care about people, planes and the environment. Efficient and reliable maintenance with high quality results.

B. Together we move forward faster and build long term relationships.
C. Together we can achieve
  • To create the safest and most modern work environment
  • To adopt technology to reduce waiting time and wastes
  • To build a solid integrated supply chain where all stakeholders from suppliers to end users are proud to be part of
  • To have the courage to change and develop ourselves



Our departments

Passion in aviation


Our team

Experience and excellence


Technical Manager
Certifying Staff CAT B1.2/C


Certifying Staff CAT B1.2/B3


Certifying Staff CAT B1.2/B3


Certifying Staff CAT B2


Aircraft Mechanic

Alexander PREISNER

Certifying Staff CAT B1.2/C


Customer Service


Spare parts

Isabell KITZ

Accounting and Controlling


Executive Assistant / Human Resources

Luca Giaquinta


Managing Director

Diamond Platinum Service Center



Diamond Simulation

Just like the real thing.

As aviation pioneers we are used going beyond the expected and have taken flight training to the next level. Only Diamond Aircraft offers a complete line-up of type-specific flight training simulators. Operators and students alike benefit from economical practice time, including honing skills for emergency situations that can be scheduled irrespective of weather conditions. Built with real avionics, high-end visuals and sophisticated instructor operating stations, our Simulators increase safety, efficiency and effectiveness plus offer a cleaner, greener way to train.

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Your Diamond Platinum Service Center in Egelsbach

Diamond Aircraft Industries Deutschland GmbH

Hans-Fleißner-Straße 54
63329 Egelsbach
Phone: +49 6103 37850


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