Austro Engine Upgrade DA40 NG


Thielert Aircraft Engines (TAE) Centurion 2.0 or 1.7 1)


Diamond DA40 TDI - all G1000 versions 1)

The Upgrade will contain

AE300 engine(s) firewall forward with modification parts: e.g. new exhaust, new cowling, propeller flange modification, (reinforcement of main- and nose-landing gear, winglets), new cable harness, new engine control and labour for the replacement of the engine according to the guidelines set up for this procedure by Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH.

1) within the EASA region


For more information (including time schedule) we kindly ask you to contact directly 

Basic Conditions

• Austro Engine Upgrade has to be conducted by Diamond Aircraft Maintenance department, Wr. Neustadt, Austria. Deinstalled Thielert parts and engine become the property of Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH.

• Austro Engine Warranty according to

• Delivery terms for „Austro Engine Upgrade“ is EXW Wiener Neustadt, Austria (Incoterms 2000) and excl. customs, duties, taxes, and any other fees.

• 80% with disposal at Diamond Aircraft Industries, 20% with finishing of the aircraft

• The “Austro Engine Upgrade” is available until further notice from Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH.

• Diamond Aircraft shall be entitled to adjust the prices stated in the “Austro Engine Upgrade” (according to the price valid at any time) due to changes in the exchange rates, in the prices of suppliers (in particular because of higher raw material prices) value of the delivered part proportional to the total purchase price or in the consumer price index (Austrian Consumer Price Index CPI 2005, the basis shall be the month of signing of the purchase agreement) between the date of signing and date of delivery, as well as of changes of legal circumstances and provisions regarding equipment of the Aircraft at the date of delivery. Any such change may lead to a variation of the purchase price.

• Repair of any defects found during the upgrade are not part of this offer.

• This offer is valid until further notice.

Contact and further information for the Austro Engine Upgrade: +43 2622 26700 1648 or