The Diamond "Personal Light Jet (PLJ)" is the new class of General Aviation. This aircraft combines speed, and most advanced aerodynamics and economic efficiency. The aircraft literally conquers new airspace - this opens up a completely new level of sophisticated individual travel.

DA42 New Generation

The shooting star: Whether in the area of security, economy or range – the ultra-modern twin-engine DA42 NG, in demand the world over, conforms perfectly to the priorities of its owners. The diesel version of the DA42 is fueled by diesel or alternatively Jet A1. At last you can fly a twin powered aircraft with a clear conscience and a lots of fun.

DA50 Magnum

The DA 50 Magnum combines luxury and sportive high class standards with state of the art economical benefits. This unique fusion create in three ways jealous faces at every gas station. First impression after the short field landing is stunning about the good looking contemporary design which follows smooth aerodynamic lines.


All models of the DA40 are founded on a very successful development concept. Excellent security, best flight qualities, robustness, very high reliability and low operating costs. The highly modern avionics, perfect panorama view and the generous luggage compartment encourage vacation plans and excite pilots and flight schools all over the world.


The pure excitement of adventure is contained in this little power pack: the bestsellers Katana, Eclipse and Evolution belong to the single engine model series DA20. Countless pilots have discovered their love for flying because the DA20 is a very safe training and travel plane with excellent aircraft performance.

HK36 Super Dimona

For everyone who simply wants to conquer the sky: the high capacity power glider Super Dimona has the highest sales figures in the market for power gliders in Europe. Excellent for power and glider training, the HK36 Super Dimona is considered unbeatably user-friendly, robust and economic.

DV20 Katana

Imagine taking the ultimate 2 seat sports car and adding wings. That’s the feeling you get when you take to the skies in the DV20 Katana, whether traveling or training. The advanced design of the DV20 Katana makes it an exciting airplane to fly – its agility and superb performance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.